About the Journal

Open Access Policy: DUJIS is an opeen access journal for readers and libraries.

Focus and Scope of the Journal: The journal focuses on well researched papers, book reviews and position papers in all arrears of Islamic Studies. All areas must be based on Islamic Studies viewpoint.

History of the Journal: The Journal is a publication of the Department of Islamic Studies which commenced in 2021 after duly approved by the University Management. Vol. 1 No. One was published in May 2021 with twenty five (25) articles from diverse areas of Islamic Studies authored by scholars across the country and beyond.

Privacy Statement: Articles and information about authors entered in this Journal’s site shall strictly be used for the purpose stated and shall not be disclosed to any third party or used for any other purpose.

Editorial Policy: DUJIS is highly ethical journal that follws the conventions in research ethics. Based on this all authors must be sincere in acknowledging their sources and adopting the findings of thier reseaches. Sanctions may be meted out todefaulters when discovered based on established best practices.

Peer Review Policy: All articles undergo peer review on anonymous basis. Peer review takes a maximum of two weeks. Papers are returned to the authors for corrections if any. Authors are given a maximum of a week to effect corrections. After submission of corrected copies, papers are edited before they are typeset for publication.