Humanitarian Crises in Nigeria: An Evaluation of Education, Security and Health Concerns of IDPs in Abuja.


  • Unekwu Friday Itodo KOGI STATE UNIVERSITY


Humanitarian, crises, Security, Health, challenges, Concerns and IDPs


From the deadly disasters triggered by the Boko Haram insurgents and the fast-spreading attacks, children, women and the aged across the north eastern part of Nigeria have deserted the traumatized population who have no place to run to, cross the border to neighboring countries (Cameroon and chad) and others have moved to close by north western states where they have relatives, but a chunk of them besieged the nation’s capital (Abuja) occupying large expanse of land in new Kuchingoro IDP camp. Unfortunately, children make up nearly half of the population. They are at increased risk of disease, malnutrition, gender-based violence and exploitation. The unending attack, growing corruption and failed states are trapping millions of these people, especially children, in semi-permanent humanitarian crisis. The finding shows that they are faced with a wide range of complex humanitarian crisis. The work concludes that, to end the humanitarian crisis, a doubled humanitarian action is expected to grow over the coming days, and the operational contexts for delivering assistance are becoming more un-complex and diverse.



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Luka Yathuma. oral interview. He is an IDP from the Glavda tribe in Gwoza LGA and the secretary of the camp. age 28.

Eunuch Yohana. oral interview. IDP. Zelidva Gwoza. School coordinator. Age 33

Ladi Mathias. oral interview. IDP. Glavda Gwoza. Camp women leader. Age 40.

Luka Yathuma. oral interview……….

Philemon Emmanuel. oral interview. IDP. Gava Afkabiya. Camp chairman. Age 45.

Alhaji Usman. oral interview. IDP Afkabiya Gava. Camp vice chairman. Age 35.

Solomon Benjamin. oral interview. IDP Glavda Gwoza. Age 23.