Analysis of the Audiences’ Assessment of Stand-up Comedians Performances


  • Ibukun Osuolale-Ajayi University of Ilorin


Nigeria, stand-up comedy, statistics, audience


Nigerian stand-up comedians employ several discourse and pragmatic strategies in achieving their primary intention of entertaining their audiences. The intentions of the comedians are usually expressed by relying on what they have assumed to be mutual knowledge between them and their audiences. While several papers have studied the linguistic behaviour of Nigerian stand-up comedians, few have considered the audiences’ perception of the comedians’ acts.  This paper sought to investigate the communicative goal of the comedians; how these goals are communicated; how the audiences’ linguistic and social variables affect the comprehension of these goals. That is, this article approaches the study of the genre of Nigerian stand-up comedy from both the etic and emic perspectives on language studies. The study employs mixed (qualitative and quantitative) methods of data analysis to analyse two hundred questionnaires administered to Nigerians and non-Nigerians in Nigeria and United Kingdom including places where live Nigerian stand-up comedy performances take place. The study revealed that Nigerian stand-up comedians use both known and emergent societal situations in their performances to entertain and educate their audiences.


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