Repositioning African Traditional Values in the Wake of The Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Gregory Ebalu Ogbenika Seminary of All Saints, Uhiele, Ekpoma Edo State, Nigeria


African, Traditional, Values, Covid-19, Pandemic, Outbreak


The cultural and traditional orientations of Africa and the West have
always assumed a divergent viewpoint due to racial and environmental
peculiarities. However, due to the phenomenon of globalization, which is
a Western-driven agenda aimed at influencing other parts of the world
with Euro-America political and cultural ideologies, assumed to be
expressive of the blueprints of contemporary civilization, African
cultural identity appears to be overshadowed in its self-expression. The
incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic complicated the woes of an already
besieged unique cultural heritage, struggling for survival in the face of a
neo-imperialistic impulse set in motion by Western globalization. This
was evident in the manner Western strategies and policies were hastily
adopted by African countries in tackling the menace posed by the
pandemic with scanty consideration of our socio-cultural and
geographical uniqueness. Adopting a descriptive cum analytic
approach, this work sets out to identify the unique qualities of the African
traditional value system vis-à-vis Western value system, the effect of the
Covid-19 pandemic on these value systems, and a critical attempt at
adapting Africa's traditional values to the new reality of a post-pandemic
period as a panacea for the rapid erosion of such values under the
heavyweight of Western cultural supremacy in the light of Covid-19


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