Being an African Socio-Political Philosopher: A Review of Williams Kaura Abba's Inclusion, Fairness and Good Governance: The Pragmatic Philosophy of Patrick Yakowa


  • Philip Adah Idachaba, PhD Department of Philosophy, Federal University of Lafia, Nigeria


One of the demands that postmodern philosophy and its forerunners have
bequeathed to philosophy in our time is to persist in responding to our
historicity. By this, it is meant that the activity of philosophising does not
happen in a vacuum and it is not focused on thinking about the starry
heavens and the firmaments thereof. Modern philosophising should be
about real life problems and about how such problems can be responded
to in a responsible and resolvable manner. This demand to respond to our
historicity is what Williams Kaura Abba demonstrates in his work
Inclusion, Fairness and Good Governance: The Pragmatic Philosophy
of Patrick Yakowa. The text is an attempt at developing a responsible
framework that could aid to resolve the existential uncertainty of
Southern Kaduna, nay Nigeria at large. Ironically, Williams Kaura Abba
builds this framework around the late governor of Kaduna state, Sir
Patrick Yakowa, a figure who was consumed in his bid to address the
existential uncertainty of Southern Kaduna and Kaduna State as a whole.
This review is focused on highlighting and evaluating some of the key
ideas of this framework which Williams Kaura Abba has put forth in the


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