The Challenges of African Communitarianism in the 21st Century: An Igbo Perspective


  • Anayochukwu K. Ugwu Department of Philosophy, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Gabriel Asuquo College of Social and Management Sciences, Achievers University, Owo


African, Communitarianism, 21st Century, Community elements, Community


This paper critically analyses the challenges that are making the
practice of African Communitarianism increasingly difficult in the 21st
Century. African Communitarianism is the principle of social living and
social ordering that is rooted in the psyche of Africans mostly in the
pristine past. Though many scholars have done extensive works on it,
however, as a way of life and a label of the African identity with
particular reference to the Igbo ontology, it is facing serious challenges
such as neoliberal capitalism, consumerist culture, global pandemics,
and technology that have entrenched solitary existence and rugged
individualism both in Africa and the world. Nonetheless, using the
critical and hermeneutic method the paper deduces that all those
cultural and existential experiences that have always enhanced African
communitarian personality can no longer stand in the 21st century.
Therefore, the paper argues the thesis that while it is impossible to
entrench African communitarianism as a mode of social living and
social ordering, there is a need to recover and foster its enduring values
of universal brotherhood, shared prosperity, and inclusivity. These
values are urgently needed to build a stable and harmonious global
order that is integrated within the imperative of authentic humanism.


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