Human Dignity in Yoruba Worldview



Dignity, Human Dignity, Yoruba worldview, Personhood, Value (wuyi), Valuable (iwuyi), Decolonization, Hermeneutics, Bioethics


The title of this paper has some fundamental suppositions that need immediate exposition. One, it suggests that there is a Yoruba worldview which has certain peculiar notion of human dignity that the paper wants to expose some sense in it amidst its inadequacies. Second, with the paper's title, it may also be assumed that the Yoruba notion of human dignity is perhaps in tandem with or it makes mockery of our general understanding of human dignity (if any there is such). These are not the only possible assumptions of this paper. The paper's title is equally suggestive of bringing to the fore, the Yoruba cultural worldview stance on the contemporary bioethical discourse on the usefulness or otherwise of the concept of dignity.


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