• Benson Peter Irabor University of Lagos
  • OLUDARE O. OLUFOWOBI, PhD Department of Philosophy, Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria
  • DAMILOLA GRACE OLA-OBITUSIN Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling Psychology, Lagos State University. https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2163-9674
Keywords: African development, Colonialism, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Pedagogy, Political Philosophy


The nature and problems or causes usually adduced for African underdevelopment
as well as the cure for it have acquired the character of what Claude Ake calls
‘technicism’ – a situation where Western social scientists are causal assessors and
solutions to Africa’s woes. The consequence of this is that close to no attention has
been given to how indigenous pedagogy can assist in the evolution of a framework
to tackle the menace of underdevelopment. By admitting the method of
philosophical analysis which thrives on the critical assessment or exposition of
ideas and concepts, we expound Nnamdi Azikiwe’s reflections that have
implications for the pedagogy that can engender a self-reliant template for African
development. We focus on the triad principles of eclecticism, pragmatism and neowelfarism
in his reflections to extrapolate ideas that can propel African
development. It is based on the plausibility of Azikiwe’s thoughts on education that
we submit the urgency for Africans to emerge from the challenges of development
by focusing more on inward-driven ideas that are original and indigenous to them
yet applicable in other climes, non-African.


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