The Concept of Democracy in Thomas Aquinas’ Political Philosophy: Towards an Evaluation of Democratic Governance in Nigeria

  • Anselm Kole Jimoh SS. Peter and Paul Major Seminary, Bodija, Ibadan
  • Agih Vincent
Keywords: Aquinas’ Political Philosophy, Democracy, Governance, Politics.


Democracy as a form of governance has become very popular in contemporary
times as the preferred option. Theoretically, it is founded on the principle of the
direct or indirect involvement of all in the affairs of governance. However, its
practice varies from place to place. In this paper, we critically analyse Thomas
Aquinas’ understanding of democracy as found in his commentaries on Aristotle’s
politics. The aim is to evaluate the practice of democracy in Nigeria using the
paradigm of Aquinas’ understanding of the concept. We argued that the form of
government in Nigeria is a travesty of genuine democracy. Consequently, against
the current apathy of the citizenry, we propose that they get more practically
involved in the affairs of governance, by ensuring that only those who genuinely
have the interest of the people at heart are elected to political offices.


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