Culture, Values and Nigeria’s Political Development: Engaging Affective Logic as a Methodological Model in a Post-Truth Era

  • Elijah Okon John Department of Philosophy University of Uyo
  • Darty Emmanuel Darty Department of Philosophy, University of Uyo
Keywords: Affective, Culture, Logic, Post-truth, Political development, Transvaluation


Several reasons have been given for the lack of development in Nigeria specifically
and in Africa generally. Many measures have also been suggested as ways of
tackling the problem. While some see the solution to the problem to be political,
others see it to be scientific and technological. For some, the solution to Nigeria’s
problems is economic in nature while for others it is ethical. This paper holds that
the nature of logic embedded in a people’s culture, has the capacity of aiding their
development. This position is strengthened by the fact that there is no society
without a culture and the existence of culture, presupposes the existence of its
system of understanding reality, knowledge and values. Since culture is dynamic,
our present day developmental challenges can be met when those positive values
that formed the bedrock of the traditional African societies are transvalued or
revalued and made useful in the strive for Nigeria’s political development.


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