Aristotle’s Doctrine of Substance Revisited

  • Terfa Kahaga Anjov Department of Philosophy, Benue State University Makurdi,
  • Samuel Okoh Oche
Keywords: Aristotle, Humanity, Metaphysics, Substance


Metaphysics is the study of that one substance which exists and causes or connects
all things. Metaphysics is the necessary foundation for human knowledge, except
for most post-modern philosophers, like Thomas Kuhn, Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl
Popper etc., who find it very difficult to accept the existence of any ultimate
principles that can explain everything for everybody as Aristotle holds in his
doctrine of substance. They argued that Aristotle’s contribution to the evolution of
current science and reason is gruesomely irrelevant to contemporary society. This
thinking forms the basis for anti-metaphysical hostilities. The study argues that
human beings must take seriously the truth about unity in diversity which is in
agreement with Aristotle’s doctrine of substance as the standard for humanity that
is interested in transforming society to a better place.


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